A mockingjay is a creature the capitol never intended to exist. They hadn’t counted on the highly controlled jabberjay having the brains to adapt to the wild, to thrive in a new form.
They hadn’t anticipated its will to live.

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This is probably really stupid but what do you mean by "appreciation week"?

It’s never stupid to ask plus I love questions. Appreciation week means that we take a whole week and dedicate it to a celebrity, character, tv-show, etc. In this case it would obviously be Georgie Henley. Each day will kind of have its own theme – I will come up with and post those themes at least a week before the set date (which hasn’t been set yet).

Then when the week comes you make a post – photoset, gifsets, graphics, whatever you want really – everyday with the set theme. As an example; one day is going to be what you like most about Georgie and then you just make a post about that. It’s simple really!

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So if I arranged a Appreciation Week for Georgie Henley how many would join? And by join I mean make their own gifset, photoset, graphic or other type of artwork.

Can you give me the link to the video of Georgie in wwry? I can't find it anywhere?

Sorry, but I gave the link to the major fansites and they decided not to report/share it, and therefore I am honouring that decision by not giving out the link to anyone else.

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where'd you get the video of Georgie in WWRY?

Youtube. I’ve given sent the link to different fansites so that they can report it directly and exclusively as they should. My guess is that you’ll have it within the hour.


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Scaramouche + Sass

Do what you want, and if people are going to judge you for it, who cares? You might not fit in, but that’s okay.

Hi! I have a question about the set of Perfect Sister gifs that you posted. The one where Abigail is saying, "What's the matter? Killing your mom isn't cool anymore?" Where is it from? That scene wasn't in the movie, so is there deleted scenes somewhere?

Well hopefully there will be deleted scenes on the DVD, though I know the region 1 DVD doesn’t have it… Here’s to hoping that the other DVD regions or the Blu-ray has it!

But what you see in that gifset is not from a deleted scenes feature, it’s from a extended trailer; which btw was ten times better than the other trailer! I don’t understand why they didn’t use this one instead, just shorten it down a bit and they would’ve had a fantastic trailer that actually peeks your interest, one that actually seems to come from a feature film. But no…
You can find the trailer here.

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I’m not making music for people who like Disney shows. I make music for people who like music.

Perfect Sisters (2014)

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